The Summit | Greeting Card



The Summit


A lone child of Eve treads

with caution up rugged rims

her steps echo through

clouded coal-like abyss

tracing the trail up slopes –

turns of rock and sod to

a ledge – Nature’s mezzanine to

be baptized in the whispers of

these mountains.


At the summit’s crown she sits

listening – they whisper

songs of all that’s forgotten

shadowed by the sonorous wails

of the cities striving for

‘The Lifestyle of Today’.


Amidst the fog of

midnight mists

her mind is clear

of the superficial mess

imposed by the urban way of life.

In these ridges, she is reminded of

her worth beyond the mouths of men

her beauty beyond the trends.

These peaks sing of life

exceeding mere survival –

that she is part of a plan

where she fits into Nature

rather than destroy it for

artificial pleasure.


So, cradled in

these mountains,

she listens to

the dying



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