Breach | Greeting Card





Whirling form

coveting yours

dance, dance for me

my little firefly

draw wisps of promises midair

under the ivory-speckled sphere,

a star I can touch,

and in that moment

you are my madness.


of cover-to-cap

is the rhythm of our song

the plain’s humdrum

dies out, as

the wind’s coaxing grows.


Louder and faster

my feet flies,

your wings flutter –

flurry of delusion.

Heel to toe,

knees to face,

a mound shatters our dance.

I somersault into

another world,

you’ve flown on.


The pile of earth was

always there

but my eyes were fixed

on you.

My gaze, now

falls on the glade.

I see no twinkling,

no dancing,

no you,

only me

and this infinite space

with its dull embrace.

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