A Night, A Chance

A Night, A Chance

A Night — A Chance

Clock chimes five
She sways from the steam
Bundled in white towels
She sashays as
Ella Fitzgerald croons
Readying for the scene.

She snips the price tag
Off her dress and
Slips into her emerald sheath
Tipping her heels she
Slides her toes in
A matte maroon match.
Fingers curl round
An ebony stick
She swipes NARS Bette on
Her puckered lips
Now, the moment
All women dread
With great care and
Agile fingers ready
Slow and steady, she
Draws a flick
Last check
‘Yes, good enough’
She snags her
Copper coat and clutch
And struts into
The night — a chance
To fulfil her daydreams
When her date comes calling.

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