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From fragments, a future
She builds
Molding, with love
Sacrifice — her crown
For family, anything
Everything is nothing.

: Mother
Price : USD 20
Size :
26cm(W) x 33cm (H)
Medium : Acrylic painting on Arches 100% cotton, mould made paper (France).

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His odour is unique,
But not in a bad way,
Smelling him makes me pique,
In it I will lounge all day.

Title: Pique
Price: USD 20
Size: 21cm(W) x 29.5cm(H)
Medium: Acrylic painting on Arches 100% cotton, mould made paper (France).

Little cars, for sale
In a colourful heap.

In dizzy excitement, he reaches
Picked one – red one
Little fingers twirl the wheels
Spinning ebony with silver streaks
Dreams fly
When reality dims
Blurred by a little red car.

“Come, we got to go”
Mama calls
Her rushed tone is noted
“One day,” he says
And turns away
Praying, “Please fate, align”.

To the checkout he goes
Bogged by bags on both arms — clenched
Heavy burdens he heaves
With the crowds
Towards giant sliding doors
Into the ruthless rays
Where a grey car waits
For him.

Title: Toy Car
Price:USD 13 / RM 50
Size: A4 size
Watercolour painted on Arches 100% cotton, mould made paper (France).

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