About The Writer

I grew up in a household where the love for books takes preference over everything else.

Since childhood, I’ve been bewitched by the worlds within books carved out by words – the tales told and the inspiring imagery. It wasn’t long before I felt compelled me to write my own stories.

Many of us have stories already written in our hearts. It is a shame that only few care to venture into penning these onto pages for other kindred spirits to read.

It isn’t about “good” or “bad” writing. It is about learning, viewing the world through another’s, cultivating a wider perspective on all issues and aspects.

We are all writers, we all have stories and we all can contribute to enriching our world.

I’ve written for:

–       Seventeen magazine(Malaysia)

–       female magazine

–       Fashion Retail Companies

Fashion & Style

Style: OOTD – Gondolier Vibe
Fashion Design School
Style: OOTD – Paisley Print
Style: OOTD – Ebony Edge
Style: OOTD – Muscle Tee!
Style: OOTD – Working Woman
First Fashion Shoot Experience
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